Why blame me for bumping into her as she was sleeping in such fashion, in so peculiar a manner? Her plump butt looked as smooth as velvet and in her sleep she kept on murmuring “Come here! Come here!” I, of course, obeyed. As always! And so I saw it. Her hole seemed like a ravenous caterpillar biting its own tail. I started licking it with the hope of seeing it transform into a butterfly. She began to moan and lifted her ass even more, offering me the delights of her salty aroma. First, I gave her a shy lick and she responded with a groan of pleasure. I continued submissively. Haven’t they said that this is my best trait? After all, I have to confess that I liked the taste. And the more I licked, the more she moaned and the more the smell of the sea gushed from her insides, as well as that clear, salty liquid that so aroused me. It was at that point that she woke up and turned around. Was she not enjoying herself? Why then did she shout in horror when she saw me and begin to kick me out of her bed, shouting: “Bad bitch! Bad bitch!” What did I do this time? And now I am punished. I can’t enter the house. My mistress laughs at me, and yet she is pissed off. It’s true what they say: no one ever understands women.       


Translation: © Marlon James Sales