Like all Mondays, I sat by the bar. He smiled at me. “The same as always,” he said to me. I nodded while trying to conceal the arousal that was already taking hold of me.

A hardboiled egg, some mashed potatoes with sausage and a coffee. I asked him to peal the egg for me. As if it were a striptease, the hardened egg white began to reveal itself. He handed it to me. I grazed his fingers upon receiving it. I started to devour it meticulously. I buried my teeth into it, tasting its texture, my mind lost in imagination... I proceeded to eating the mashed potatoes, slightly thick, smooth, velvety, with that milky smell, like a young man’s skin. Mmmm... now’s the turn of the sausage. I couldn’t help but look at it after taking each bite. I enjoyed feeling how it surrendered to my every bite. First the tip, then another bite at the shaft, bringing more and more of it into my mouth. A spurt of oil flooded my mouth. A little more, a little more… and the entire length went inside. Yes! Yes! Yeees!

I finished it off by drinking coffee while taking all the time in the world, picturing myself as a vampire sucking the warm blood of my victim in small gulps.

I paid him and left a generous tip. And he, in the innocence of youth, told me happily: “See you next week,” satisfied with the extra money he made, unmindful (Innocent git!) that I devour him passionately every Monday.         


Translation: ©Marlon James Sales