Her book Humedad de las orillas, published in 2000 by the Editorial San Marcos in Lima, Peru, was a finalist in the erotic literature competition "La sonrisa Vertical 2000".
As a journalist , she has collaborated in various cultural magazines in Lima, Peru. Her works have graced the pages of several literary magazines based in the Peruvian capital, such as Umbral and Arteidea, among others, and have also appeared on the Finnish magazines Voima and Tähtivaeltaja.
Other than literature, Nastia T. is also a dance aficionado. She performs the Middle Eastern dance more popularly known as belly dance semi-professionally, and belongs to the dance group Bollywood Nartana and has danced on the Philippines with the prestigious belly dancer Jill Ngo.
She presently resides in Finland, after living two years in the Philippines and is a member of REMES and UHE.


  • 2007 – Finalist in the 1st Jeanne de Traumnovelle Erotic Micro-stories Competition, organized by the Cultural Association Ediciones Frutos del Tiempo. Elche, Spain. Text: Como el demonio sentado en su hoja de lechuga.
  • 2000 – Finalist in the XXII “La Sonrisa Vertical” Awards, organized by the publishing house TUSQUETS. Barcelona, Spain. Book: Humedad de las orillas.